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 About...  A G E - Active Geezers E-biking 

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     Why E-bikes?  Why not?  E-bikes have rekindled the love for biking in the older generation.  It has also created a whole new legion of fans in the younger generations. It is a great way to experience the outdoors and with an e-bike, one

can greatly increase the distance that can be accessed in a given period of time.  I'm in my eighty's and still enjoy my 'acoustic bikes', but the e-bikes add

an entirely new element to my biking adventures...

Some purists argue that e-bikes are cheating...that they don't provide the exercise and workout that the traditional bikes offer. Hogwash! I ride a Class I

e-bike and it will give me the amount of workout that I choose. It has no throttle and only delivers a 'pedal-assist' mode ride with me deciding how much or how little of assist that I want. 

     This site will delve into the details of various bike 'classes' and all things

e-biking... We will also offer the 'Geezer Kuisine Korner' plus exercise tips on

how to enjoy a healthier life experience. 

So join me now on my e-biking adventures, and stay tuned as we grow website with e-bike info and much, much more.

(e-bike news, healthy food, some fun music and video, blogs and... a little more)   


...and remember

'Good fun, good health and good e-biking

  for geezers, geezerettes

  (and their parents)'

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A G E - Active Geezers E-biking

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"Happy Trails To You".

We're gonna e-bike forever or die trying!

Thank you for subscribing and

"Happy Trails To You".

We're gonna e-bike forever or die trying!

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